CALIM 2012


Thanks to all participants for a very successful event. Check out the uploaded presentations and photos.

CALIM 2012 is the seventh SKA Workshop on Calibration and Imaging. The workshop focusses on progress in algorithms, software and computing aimed at addressing the challenges of calibration and imaging of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), its pathfinders and other major new radio telescopes such as the Karl G. Jansky VLA, ALMA, LOFAR, ASKAP, MeerKAT, ATA, MWA, LWA/LEDA, PAPER/HERA, WSRT/APERTIF, EMBRACE, FAST, eMERLIN, GMRT, etc.

Now that the SKA has moved into preconstruction phase, this meeting will tighten focus onto the telescopes planned for SKA1. These are:

  • 250 x 15m diameter single-pixel-feed dish array to be located in South Africa

  • 96 x 15m diameter phased-array-feed dish array to be located in Australia

  • 280 station aperture array to be located in Australia

We particularly invite presentations on all topics relevant to these telescopes, such as

    • Wide-field imaging

    • Wide-band imaging

    • Aperture arrays

    • Phased array feeds

    • Calibration and imaging algorithms

    • Ionospheric calibration

    • Simulation of observations

    • Parallelization of algorithms

    • Pipelined processing

    • Computational costs of algorithms

    • Use of supercomputers, accelerators, and special purpose hardware

This year's CALIM workshop is taking place from 3 to 7 December 2012 and is being hosted by SKA South Africa in Cape Town.